Apr 9, 2024

Avoid Ticket Scams by Kyle Muehlhauser

Opening Day for the Orioles and The Preakness Stakes are two of my favorite events of the year. Plus, concert season is upon us! As a venue owner, there’s nothing worse than hearing someone was priced gouged or worse, they purchased a fake ticket.

Here are my top three tips to avoid ticket scams:

1. Buy tickets directly from the venue or event host.

This is the best way to purchase tickets for any event. Ticket buyers should go directly to the venue or events website. If you must use google to find the venue or event’s website be sure to check the URL to verify if the site is related to the event. Secure websites will have HTPPS encryption. Many times scammers will create fake websites to impersonate a venue, going as far as duplicating a venue’s site or will pay Google to have their site at the top of the results page, ahead of legitimate sites. If you’re still unsure, look for a direct phone number for the venue’s box office.

2. Verify Sellers

If a show is sold out or you are looking for a deal, be sure to verify resellers. If buying from secondary marketplaces (StubHub, Vivid Seats, etc) verify their credibility. You can do this by checking reviews, ratings, and feedback from previous buyers. Many venues will list their verified resale platform. For example, the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis lists Seat Geek as their official reseller.

3. Use secure payment methods

Avoid paying cash in person or sending payment via wire transfer. Buyers should use trusted online payment platforms that offer buyer protection. Rams Head venues utilize AXS’s resale feature that allows ticket buyers to exchange tickets in a safe and secure manner. Before purchasing resell tickets you should research the price of tickets, usually listed on the event’s website, and be cautious of tickets priced significantly lower than their face value.

- Kyle Muehlhauser