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“So what’s good that’s coming to at Rams Head On Stage?”

This is a frequent question that we hear from our customers, friends, family, local business owners whom we see daily, my hair dresser, our  mechanic, my husband’s bookie (just kidding, honey), etc. How do we answer such a complex question? With another question: “Well, what kind of music do you like?”. Because the honest truth is that due to the fact that we have approximately 30 shows per month, there is something for fans of just about every genre. There are the big names that everyone has heard of such as Dr. John and The Oak Ridge Boys, and then there are the lesser known, somewhat “niche” artists that come through (check out Rasputina and Hiroshima). And there are always some “hidden gems” that appear as opening acts, which is always fun to potentially find “the next big thing” (I… Read More >

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