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Just Announced This Week!

We’re busy filling our summer calendars at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis and Rams Head Live in Baltimore! Let us help you fill your summer calendars too! NEWLY ANNOUNCED AT RAMS HEAD ON STAGE IN ANNAPOLIS Bronze Radio Return Saturday, June 29 *ALL AGES MATINEE Formed in 2008, Bronze Radio Return’s line-up took a few years to solidify, though most of the band’s members were orbiting each other for years at the Hartt School, one of the country’s best schools of music, located in Hartford, Connecticut. For their debut album, Old Time Speaker, the band relocated to Nashville for a two-week period, to, as lead vocalist Chris Henderson puts it, “A place we’d never been with a producer we’d never met, and played a bunch of songs we’d never played before.” For such an inauspicious set of circumstances, the… Read More >

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Next Week at Rams Head On Stage!

Here’s what we’ve got next week at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis. Come on out and enjoy some live music! You won’t be sorry! Sunday, April 21 – Willy Porter & Robbie Schaefer $24.50 GENRE: Pop/Rock/Folk Willy Porter: Listeners want varied things from music. Often we want to dance, set a mood, hear a story or tap into some rarely-touched sorrow. Willy Porter’s music manages to do so many of these things, while bringing the audience into his walk through the world. Some of his songs are soft poems, others observances from a dusty street corner. Some are songs about life’s obstacles, regrets, or a glimpse of a mother and child riding a bus. For folks who want to hear some excellent guitar-playing, he does that, too. Better than just about anyone you’ve ever heard. “An acoustic picker with… Read More >

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