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What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

Or..more interestingly… what do some of our past performers’ handwriting say about THEM? One of the things we do after every show at Rams Head On Stage is we ask our bands to give us a little feedback about their experience playing in our venue. So, I happen to have some handwriting samples in my possession from some of our recent shows that I thought I would analyze in my spare time and share with you the results. Handwriting analysis, or Graphology, is the study and analysis of handwriting, especially in relation to human psychology. NOTE: This is all very scientific. And non-biased, for that matter. John Corbett – Last played Rams Head On Stage on March 22nd, 2013: Gosh he’s nice. What we see with this one is the large letters. According to my source (Scientific American Real Simple Magazine), large… Read More >

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