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Silopanna Music Festival and Headcount.org get you Registered to Vote

On Saturday, August 16th we’ll all meet up at Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds for all day celebration featuring amazing musicians, homegrown talent, artisans all at the Silopanna Music Festival.    But one vendor, in particular has a huge call to action.  That’s right, Register to Vote! I asked Headcount.org to write us up a little bit about their call to action and what we can expect at Silopanna 2014 from them.   I know they’re rounding up some goodies to bring to the event – rumor is, diffraction glasses which will only enhance The Flaming Lips epic light show! But in the meantime, if you check them out at Nissan Pavilion at some upcoming shows (ahem, Dave Matthews for example), you can get signed up to win some tickets to Silopanna Music Festival.   You know, the festival named for Annapolis spelled backwards. … Read More >

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Get Out and Vote or should I say “Sit Down and Vote”

No, not that vote, we all know the importance of the big election coming November 6th ! Today however, I’m talking about placing your votes each and every week for your favorite musicians, comedians, entertainment that you want to see in our intimate and amazing Rams Head On Stage ! You are the inspiration that has made this club the top room under 500 capacity in the country. The link looks like this on our website www.ramsheadonstage.com :     and on your weekly email blast it looks like this:     Let your voice be heard… talk to us… We are listening !… Read More >

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