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Q&A with Royal Southern Brotherhood’s Mike Zito

The history of American music can be traced back through the bloodlines of the Royal Southern Brotherhood.  They are like heirs to the classic rock kingdom, their destiny bestowed upon them by their forefathers and their skills perfected under masterful tutelage and a lifetime of practice (sorry for the lofty language, I’ve been catching up on too many episodes of Vikings and Game of Thrones lately).  Today, comprised of such talents as Devon Allman, Cyril Neville, Mike Zito, Charlie Wooton and Yonrico Scott, the RSB represent one of rock’s only true super groups.  Guitarist Mike Zito caught up with Matt Ellis to talk about the upcoming Royal Southern Brotherhood album, and tour, which will travel through Annapolis on March 11th.  What have you and the rest of the band been doing in preparation for this tour?  We’re all traveling in… Read More >

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What Rams Head On Stage Artist Are You?

Take our quiz and find out what Rams Head On Stage artist you are. Just answer the five questions below, add up your score and see your result at the bottom. What is your favorite food out of the following? 1)  Crawfish Etouffee (3 points) 2)  Chocolate Covered Strawberries (1 point) 3)  Fish & Chips (2 points) 4)  Deep dish pizza (5 points) 5)  New York Strip (4 points) You have a free plane ticket; where will you go? 1)  The U.K. (2 points) 2)  Brooklyn (1 point) 3)  Las Vegas (4 points) 4)  Chicago (5 points) 5)  New Orleans (3 points) What song is your fave out of the following? 1)  “Let’s Get It On” (1 point) 2)  “Little Wing” (3 points) 3)  “Money For Nothing” (2 points) 4)  “My Funny Valentine” (4 points) 5)  “Your Body Is A… Read More >

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