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Q & A with Johnny Winter and Producer, Paul Nelson – by Matt Ellis

Johnny Winter’s late career comeback is in full swing, and the man can still play with the same fiery fury that earned him the status of guitar god throughout the 60s and 70s.  Rams Head guest blogger Matt Ellis interviewed Johnny and guitarist/producer Paul Nelson of the Johnny Winter Band as the group prepares for a two night stand (Feb. 15-16) at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, Maryland. Paul Nelson, Guitarist and Producer with Johnny Winter Band (far right in photo above, next to Johnny) Thank you both for making some time to talk to me, I know you guys have a show tonight before you need to get on the road again.  How’s travel been with all of this winter weather? Well, we’re stuck in a blizzard in Connecticut right now.  How’d you start playing and producing with… Read More >

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Q & A with Tim Finch of Good Deale Bluegrass and Eastman String Band

Rams Head blogger Matt Ellis caught up with Tim Finch of Good Deale Bluegrass and the Eastman String Band in advance of his show on Friday.  Here’s a selection from their Q & A session. 1)      How long have you been playing with these two groups and how often do you guys get together to play every year?  Is everyone local? We’ve been playing Rams Head On Stage since way back when it held around 250 people; I think it’s been over 14 years playing at Rams Head On Stage so far. I started Good Deale [store] in 1999 in Deale, Maryland, and I started the Goodman Deale Bluegrass band the same year.  We used to play this huge bluegrass festival at Herrington Harbor South.  It was a big success, and the band caught on around here.  We played a… Read More >

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Rams Head On Stage Show Review: NRBQ (by Matthew Ellis)

I hear the name NRBQ, and I can’t help but remember eating one of those old, soggy, school lunch meat planks on a bun:  the Rib-a-Q, or as my senior year anthropology teacher affectionately referred to it – the Rib-a-Junk.  Fortunately for me, and the rest of the audience, the Rams Head On Stage was serving up only the best, hot country-rock funk on Tuesday night, and not the dreaded pork meat substitute from my high school nightmares past. NRBQ, which, for the unacquainted, stands for New Rhythm and Blues Quintet (and later Quartet), has been around since the late 60s, churning out an eclectic selection of music, and pulling from influences as wide-ranging as jazz, country, funk, R & B, soul, and classic rock – all with a little bit of playful and often zany keyboard experimentation by band… Read More >

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Show Review: Treetop Flyers Acoustic Duo at Rams Head On Stage August 16th

Treetop Flyers Rams Head On Stage Annapolis, MD Friday, August 16th Two members from the band, Treetop Flyers recently made a trans-Atlantic flight to the States, from their home in England, to play two weeks’ worth of acoustic sets in support of their first full-length album before departing and then returning in full force this September with all five members to play the Americana Music Festival in Nashville,Tennessee. Before attending the concert, I wasn’t aware that the duo of Reid Morrison and Sam Beer would be representing the band alone.  I’ll have to admit I started off the night a bit unimpressed, mostly because I was expecting a five-piece band, but the intimate, albeit somewhat brief, show was refreshing.  By the end of the night, I was a full-fledged fan.  Their name is borrowed from the Stephen Stills song, “Treetop… Read More >

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