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Rams Head On Stage Show Review: Band Of Heathens w. Whitehorse on April 10th

Two acts: one, a band of long-haired Texas rockers, and the other, a pair of southern-dreaming, North Country lovers, met in the middle of Annapolis on April 10th for an all-Americana showcase. Before Wednesday night, I had never been to a concert at Rams Head On Stage, so when I sat down at a small dinner table to the left of the stage as other patrons filtered into the seats surrounding me, I wondered how a raucous band, known as the Heathens, could manage not to blow the doors off the place, along with most of the middle aged crowd that ambled in one after one. I had just finished interviewing the Heathens’ two main vocalists, and as I waited for the show to start, I spoke to one man in the crowd, a freelance photographer, who had come to… Read More >

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I Hate Birds

I don’t like birds. Ok maybe I don’t actually hate them, but I can’t relate to them. Well… maybe I just feel that way today because I woke up this morning to a few birds just outside my window having a conversation.. AT 5:30 IN THE A.M.!.  This did not please me.  Oh, because I also hate the morning. And sun. Sun damage is extremely dangerous! And it’s SO BRIGHT. I’m fair-skinned and mostly Irish. It hurts my eyes. If you want to know the truth (do you?), I really do enjoy the rain. Does that make me a pessimist? Or maybe I’m a romantic: Rain makes things grow: And it washes things: Oops, I’m sorry I shouldn’t even joke about that. I’m sure it won’t rain tomorrow for opening day at Oriole Park. I also don’t care for fruit… Read More >

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