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Rams Head Celebrates 25 Years

Quietly and without fanfare, the Rams Head celebrated 25 years in business on December 15, 2014.   But in January, after the busy holiday season, we turned up the music and celebrated!

The night was celebrated first with a private event from 6 to 8pm.   Delicious food from our new Tavern menu was served, Fordham & Dominion Brewing passed out samples of award-winning Candi, music was enjoyed from The Geckos and the jazz duo Oreo.

Around 7pm, a few toasts were made!  Welcoming the crowd was President and Owner, Kyle Muehlhauser who thanked all everyone who supported us over the last 25 years.  The city of Annapolis declared December 15th Rams Head Day with an official proclamation read by me, Erin McNaboe.  Chef Greg “Cowboy” Richardson drove up from North Carolina where he owns/operates his own restaurant, Hutch & Harris.  He shared words of Muehlhauser wisdom and appreciation after entering into his own venture.  Kurt Sturn, a friend and former accountant for the Rams Head Group, shared his “Harvard Business” lessons learned while working alongside Bill Muehlhauser – there was a lot of laughter.  Jeff Armiger of BB&T shared the trials & tribulations, yet tremendous determination that Bill Muehlhauser possessed while expanding the Rams Head concept.   The first brewer for Fordham Brewing, Allen Young, also spoke to the early days of the brewery and the great fun they had.  Two special gifts were presented as well, one from 103.1 WRNR – a platinum record to celebrate our 25 years and from Special Olympics of Maryland, a hand-carved polar bear to commemorate our commitment to the Polar Bear Plunge.  Bill Muehlhauser closed the stage with a few, heartfelt words.

The party than opened to the public and the celebration began!  $1.25 Fordham Beers, Fireball and Finlandia drinks were celebrated with throwback pricing.  Free concert tickets to Rams Head Live and Rams Head On Stage were shared.  Silopanna Music Festival T-shirts were shared with the crowd. Delicious cupcakes from Caroline’s Cakes and the Tavern jammed with tunes from Mike McHenry.

The young and old came and celebrated.  Reunions were had by many past employees who hadn’t seen each other in years.  Quite a few revelers yelled, “Let’s do this again next week.”  I do believe a good time was had by all.

Thank you to so many who have supported us throughout the years!  It’s been a fun ride and we look forward to the next 25 years of Food, Fun & Beer!

Special Thanks for the Evening Goes to:  Rams Head Tavern Annapolis Staff & Management, Sysco Foods, Katcef Brothers, Fordham & Dominion Brewing, EJ Gallo, Michael Hughes & 103.1 WRNR, Jim Schmutz & Special Olympics of Maryland, The City of Annapolis, BB&T and Jeff Armiger, Kurt Sturn, Greg “Cowboy” Richardson, Allen Young, The Geckos, Oreo, Mike McHenry, Glenn A. Miller Photography, Royal Bundy, Lexi Forster, Gerard Venida, Jason White (Rams Head Shore House), Brian Dunbar (Rams Head Tavern Savage Mill), York Flowers, Caroline’s Cakes and I’m hoping I didn’t forget anyone.

And thank you for the Press Coverage:
The Capital Newspaper: Rams Head celebrates quarter-century on national, local music scene
John Frenaye & Eye on Annapolis:  Happy Birthday Rams Head Tavern

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The Girl at the Rock Show: Sam Smith

I saw Sam Smith last night at the Patriot Center and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

Hopefully, you know who he is… he sings “Stay With Me” and is the voice on Disclosure’s “Latch”.

Here’s what really blows my mind:

March 20, 2014 – he headlines U Street Music Hall (500 capacity)

September 16, 2014 – he headlines Echostage (I believe 3-4,000 capacity?)

January 12, 2015 – he headlines Patriot Center (10,000 capacity)

That growth astounds me… all in less than a year! And do you want to know how he does it? He stands on the stage and sings his heart out.


Listening to his album, I believe, is like watching a really fantastic movie, but going to his show is like watching the same movie in IMAX 3D. The live band and his showmanship add a whole new depth to his music that I didn’t really know existed. Between the backup singers, cellist, and insanely talented drummer, it’s impossible not to be swept off your feet and lost in the sound. [By the way, did you know that on the album, there is no gospel choir on "Stay With Me"? It is Sam's voice layered 40 times.]

My words can do no justice to accurately describe his show, so I’ll just show you the following. It’s a :15 clip from the song “Lay Me Down”, and it’s my favorite :15 on the whole album.

- Sam

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Robert Irvine LIVE at the Hippodrome Theatre


Chef Robert Irvine isn’t your typical show… First of all, he’s not a musician or a comedian, like our norm; he’s a chef with his own TV show Restaurant: Impossible. And he’s not performing at Rams Head, but at the Hippodrome Theater. He’s extremely interactive with his audience and unlike any other show we’ve put on.

Sometimes it’s hard explaining what his show is all about to people who have never experienced it before. So it’s just a little easier explaining what he IS NOT in hopes that you can understand a little better.

Robert Irvine IS NOT:

Let’s be clear: Robert Irvine LIVE is not a cooking demo. Is there cooking? Yes, but don’t expect to sit back and watch Robert cook dishes for two hours. This is a theatrical event. We are taking cooking places it’s never gone before, with physical challenges, culinary challenges and more. Cooking is merely the vehicle for a crazy and entertaining ride.

Just like when Robert walks into a restaurant on Restaurant: Impossible, Robert has no idea the challenges he will face when he steps on stage. The producers of the show develop the challenges prior to the event and reveal nothing to Robert in advance. While there are some moments that are designed to keep the show running (and not last until the wee hours of the morning), the vast majority of challenges are unknown to Robert until he receives them on stage. This means that every performance is a new and unique experience.

Don’t expect to come to this show and just sit and watch. This is an opportunity to let loose and have a good time! Expect to stand, yell, dance (yes, dance!) and become part of the action on stage. Every challenge Robert receives will require assistance, and members of the audience serve as his sous chefs and assistants. Whether you are the worst cook in America or a Master Chef, be ready for Robert to call on you to help him complete his challenges.

Cooking demos can be great, but they can also be incredibly boring. With Robert Irvine LIVE, we are taking the idea of a cooking show into a completely new realm. We are doing things on stage that have never been done before, where only the live audience on that night will experience them. This is the opportunity to witness something totally new that has never been done before. Get ready to experience the impossible. Get ready to experience Robert Irvine LIVE!

So now that you know a little more of what Chef Irvine’s show IS NOT, hopefully you have an idea of what the show actually is. But, if you’re still a little confused, check out this video trailer of the show.

Tickets are on sale here!

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Here’s What’s Happenin’ This Weekend at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis!

Friday, January 9th
Jeff Daniels

w. Ben Daniels Band

We’re thrilled to welcome Jeff Daniels here for the first of what we hope to be many appearances!


“When he’s not portraying the Emmy-winning role of news anchor Will McAvoy on HBO’s “The Newsroom” or getting into another round of idiotic antics as Harry Dunne (is he “Dumb or Dumber,” by the way?), Jeff Daniels sings.” -Baltimore Style (read more!)

(And a quick shout out to another of my favorite actors, performing here on February 3rd, John C. Reilly!!)

Saturday, January 10th
The Handmade Quarterly
featuring Pressing Strings, Swampcandy and Skribe

UPdated Jan 2015 image TF

What a perfect way to keep the party going after the Baltimore Ravens play on Saturday afternoon!!

THE HANDMADE QUARTERLY is a revolving local concert series presented by DJ Boy/ Annapolis Records. The first event will take place this Saturday and will be a celebration of new music releases from Pressing Strings, Skribe, and Swampcandy along with limited edition artwork and merchandise. Proceeds from the CD sales from this event will go to a memorial fund for Sound Engineer Jeff Kaplan‘s daughter.

Pressing Strings
Twitter: @PressingStrings

Twitter: @Swampcandy

Twitter: @skribestudios

Sunday, January 11th
Psycho Killers: A Tribute to Talking Heads


Psycho Killers’ music spans the catalog of Talking Heads and creates a high energy show that has made them one of the premier tribute bands in the area.

Talking Heads/David Byrne fans must come to this show!!

Happy Weekend everyone!

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