Daughtry Acoustic Trio at The Modell Lyric – Tickets – The Modell Lyric – Baltimore, MD – March 9th, 2021

Daughtry Acoustic Trio at The Modell Lyric

Daughtry Acoustic Trio at The Modell Lyric

The Modell LyricBaltimoreMD
All Ages
Daughtry Acoustic Trio at The Modell Lyric!

As the frontman for the band bearing his name, Chris Daughtry has become one of the most visible and consistent rock & roll torchbearers of the 21st Century. The band’s self-titled debut was the best-selling album of 2007 and contained four Top 20 hit singles including the Grammy-nominated smash “It’s Not Over.” More hits followed, including the platinum-selling “Waiting for Superman,” which appeared on 2013’s Baptized. The band continues work on its fifth album (which Daughtry describes in its early stages as having a “bluesy, almost rootsy undertone to it”) and continues delivering electrifying live performances to fans in all corners of the world.

Ten years after launching with a massive splash, Daughtry claims that he and the band have grown the most on stage, and that it’s altered his whole sense of his work. “When we first came out, I’d only known what I’d seen,” he says. “I didn’t know how to be vulnerable, with no pretense. Now it’s walk onstage and, especially in our acoustic shows, just be flat-out honest and open. It’s really helped me realize that’s actually what fans want – they want 100 percent honesty and feeling like they got to know you better.”

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Venue Information:
The Modell Lyric
140 W Mt Royal Ave

Baltimore, MD, 21201

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