103.1 WRNR Brings Another Private Artist Showcase to Rams Head On Stage – LP!!

Once again, 103.1 WRNR knocked it out of the park with their latest Private Artist Showcase. Today the audience was entranced with a performance by LP, which was interwoven with stories that gave us a peek into her experiences with her latest overseas touring, relationships, and ship tattoos. Originally from Long Island, she was raised on a steady diet of Joni Mitchell, the Doors, the Pretenders, Nirvana, and Jeff Buckley before she cut her teeth in the biz writing for artists such as  Cher Lloyd, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera, among other, and then finally writing and performing her own songs all over the world.

Listeners are most familiar with her hit single, “Lost On You“, the title track on her album Lost On You (released overseas, coming soon to the US!):

An incredible singer-songwriter, LP mesmerized the crowd with her 30 minutes set which included “Lost On You,” “Into The Wild,” “Tight Rope,” and “Other People”.




Thanks to 103.1 WRNR for bringing us these incredible showcases! If you missed today’s showcase, keep on listening to 103.1 WRNR for news on the next Private Artist Showcase and learn how you can be our guest! See you next time!

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