“Revived” with The Revivalists on a Wednesday Afternoon at Rams Head On Stage

So THIS happened today! Rams Head hosted another WRNR 103.1 private artist showcase! This afternoon’s band was The Revivalists, passing through town on their way to their Friday night 9:30 Club gig.

Carrie from WRNR 103.1 brought the band on stage by letting us all know that their song “Wish I Knew You” had just hit #1 this week in the Billboard AAA charts!

Top Five Quotes heard from the stage by lead singer David Shaw:

5) “Get ready for me to walk across some tables today!”

4) “You there (at table in front), you might just be getting a saxophone solo in your hummus

3) “Are all of you radio contest winners? Well guess what: you’re ALL #1 today!”

2) “That’s how I got in the band… I won a contest.” (actually that was saxophonist, Rob Ingraham)

1) “We’ll be back!!”

We hope so!







The WRNR team with The Revivalists!


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