Friday and Saturday Night Music Now at Rams Head Tavern Annapolis

In addition to music on Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, Rams Head Tavern Annapolis now offers FREE live music on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 10 PM

Levi Stephens’ affinity for singing can be attributed to growing up in the Washington, D.C. area in a home he remembers being filled with music. His debut album, “This Way” goes far beyond the confines of R&B and seamlessly melds a variety of genres, from soul to rock to gospel to folk while always remaining honest, clever and conversational. His songs explore a variety of relevant subjects while including the elements that always stand the test of time; musicianship, strong lyrics, and shared experiences.  His music may cross genres but his voice is pure soul. Check out Levi’s music here.

Changing Scene is a rock band from Southern Maryland. Evolving from a few friends getting together to jam their favorite songs, they began writing and honing their style and craft. They’ve developed their own unique sound from a wide variety of influences and played venues such as Baltimore Soundstage, Rams Head Live, Luckie’s Tavern, Ottobar and many more. Hear their sound here.

changing scene

Loose Ties plays fast paced, melody driven, touch your soul kinda music with harmonies to match. Check them out here.

loose ties 2

Sunday Music 11 AM to 2 PM
Tuesdays 10 PM to 1 Am
Wednesdays 5 to 8 PM
Thursdays 5:30 to 8:30 PM
Fridays and Saturdays 10 PM to 1 AM

See full music calendar below:


Wednesday 1st – Skribe
Thursday 2nd – Jess Marie
Friday 3rd – Loose Ties
Saturday 4th – Changing Scene
Sunday 5th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 6th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 8th – Landing Mary
Thursday 9th – Jess Marie
Friday 10th – Loose Ties
Saturday 11th – Changing Scene
Sunday 12th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 14th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 15th – Skribe
Thursday 16th – Alexander Peters
Friday 17th – Loose Ties
Saturday 18th – Changing Scene
Sunday 19th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 21st – Swampcandy
Wednesday 22nd – Landing Mary
Thursday 23rd – Jess Marie
Friday 24th – Loose Ties
Saturday 25th – Levi Stephens
Sunday 26th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 28th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 29th – Skribe
Thursday 30th – Jess Marie


Friday 1st – Loose Ties
Saturday 2nd – Levi Stephens
Sunday 3rd – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 5th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 6th – Landing Mary
Thursday 7th – Jess Marie
Friday 8th – Loose Ties
Saturday 9th – Levi Stephens
Sunday 10th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 12th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 13th – Skribe
Thursday 14th – Jess Marie
Friday 15th – Changing Scene
Saturday 16th – Levi Stephens
Sunday 17th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 19th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 20th – Landing Mary
Thursday 21st – Jess Marie
Friday 22nd – Loose Ties
Saturday 23rd – Changing Scene
Sunday 24th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 26 – Swampcandy
Wednesday 27th – Skribe
Thursday 28 – Jess Marie
Friday 29 – Loose Ties
Saturday 30 – Levi Stephens
Sunday 31 – Jazz Brunch


Tuesday 2nd – Swampcandy
Wednesday 3rd – Landing Mary
Thursday 4th – Jess Marie
Friday 5th – Loose Ties
Saturday 6th – Changing Scene
Sunday 7th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 9th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 10th – Skribe
Thursday 11th – Jess Marie
Friday 12th – Loose Ties
Saturday 13th – Levi Stephens
Sunday 14th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 16th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 17th – Landing Mary
Thursday 18th – Shawn Owen
Friday 19th – Loose Ties
Saturday 20th – Levi Stephens
Sunday 21st – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 23rd – Swampcandy
Wednesday 24th – Skribe
Thursday 25th – Mike Heuer
Friday 26th – Changing Scene
Saturday 27th – Levi Stephens
Sunday 28th – Jazz Brunch
Tuesday 30th – Swampcandy
Wednesday 31st – Landing Mary

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