Well That Was Epic: Windjammer brings positivity to the Pier

This past Saturday, The Windjammer Festival, a benefit for Living Classroom Foundation’s Believe In Music program, brought the heavyweights of the Baltimore music scene together for one of the most memorable nights of the summer.  An amazing line-up, a great cause, and perfect weather for an outdoor concert culminated in an aura of positivity and unity that is exactly what should be expected out of a Baltimore-centric music festival.     

The rising stars of the Baltimore music scene: Romantic States, Bond Street District and Ed Schrader’s Music Beats really put the bright future of Baltimore music on display.  I cannot forget to mention the DJs who all did a great job of keeping the mood light between sets.    

7 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

44 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

55 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

The up and comers set the stage for the heavy hitters. Everyone was in great spirits as Dan Deacon brought his energy filled electro-dance party experience to the stage.  With arms raised high and hands being held, the sold out crowd was feeling the energy of the night. The set came to a rousing climax as the beat of “The Crystal Cat” had everyone moving.

91 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

 100 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

Next up was a beautiful set from Beach House.  Fresh off the release of their brand new critically acclaimed album, Depression Cherry, Beach House’s mystical dream-pop brought a very surreal component to the concert. The sun had set, a full moon was out, and the dreamy vocals of Victoria Legrand resonated throughout the venue, making sure Baltimore knew that Beach House was home.

 102 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

DJ James Nasty came out next and pumped up the crowd with a set straight from Paradox or reminiscent of the Taxlo Dance party at the now defunct Sonar.  The driving beat of Baltimore Club filled the air and the crowd at Pier Six could not help but dance. Rod Lee’s classic club hit “Dance My Pain Away” even made it into the mix; it was a truly Baltimore night.

 109 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

After DJ James Nasty finished off his set, the house lights abruptly went low  and Future Islands did not wait long to satisfy the crowd’s anticipation.  The distinct indie pop sound from the band was complimented perfectly by the huge presence that is lead singer Sam Herring; the chest beating, the fist pumping, the growls, and of course, the gyrating.  Those dance moves took hold of the crowd.  When the band played their break out hit, “Seasons (Waiting On You)”, the only way to describe it was musical euphoria.

  118 Windjammer - Andre Lamar

Future Islands capped the night with “Little Dreamers”, a slower song but quite a fitting way to finish the night.  And as we say goodnight/ I hold you close and tight.  One brief glance around the venue and you knew it was definitely a remarkable day for music in Baltimore.

You can learn more about the Living Classrooms Foundation’s Believe in Music program and donate to this great cause here.

All Photos By Andre Lamar

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