The Girl at the Rock Show: Aaron Gillespie

He was the drummer in Underoath.

He is the singer in The Almost.

He has two solo worship albums.

He is the current live drummer for Paramore.

He is Aaron Gillespie.


On July 20, 2015, he performed a stripped down set of career-spanning songs with special guests William Beckett and Nathan Hussey (of All Get Out).

A part of me thought it would be a very low-key, relaxed environment… a coffeehouse-style event of sorts. I was wrong.

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See that hair flip at the end? There was a lot of that. Aaron would stomp so hard and sing so loud that his body had no choice  but to jolt back and forth. The passion was so intense on the stage, I felt like he was pounding the words directly into my soul.

Aaron’s second to last song was a cover of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”, for which he brought William and Nathan back on stage to sing/play with him.


If I thought I was impressed by Aaron’s career before tonight, I only have more respect for him as an artist now. All the guys on tour truly did it old-school: they had absolutely no other instruments except for their guitars and voices, and they sold their own merch. There was no backing band or crew or van driver.

They got down to the nitty gritty core of why they started doing this whole music thing in the first place.

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