Rams Head Volunteers for National Aquarium

Rams Head Group Photo

On Friday, May 29th, leadership from the Rams Head Group volunteered at the wetland restoration event at Masonville Cove.  Coordinated through our partnership at the National Aquarium, the weekend planting brought out 51 volunteers and 154 students to plant about 17,600 plugs of wetland grasses.   The plants help to create a living shoreline that will provide multiple ecosystem services, as well as habitat for wildlife.




Masonville Cove, once a recreational area for local citizens and most recently an abandoned and neglected section of shoreline along the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River, will soon be a thriving natural area in Baltimore City once more!untitled5

Thank you to the Rams Head team for their hard work!   If you wish to join other efforts at Masonville Cove, please consider the BioBlitz on Saturday, June 27th.

To learn more about the National Aquarium, visit aqua.org


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