The Girl at the Rock Show: Butch Walker

“If you play a room for critics or people who have heard of you as ‘that guy who wrote a Fall Out Boy song,’ unfortunately there’s a preconception that that’s what you’re supposed to sound like… Then they go home and Google you and realize you produced Katy Perry, but at that point, the ┬ájoke’s on them. Maybe that’s the goal: to broaden horizons so you can’t just box somebody in.” – Butch Walker

On May 7, Butch brought some guitars to the 9:30 Club and played some songs.

Well, he started with a few songs on the piano.


Then he played some songs on the acoustic guitar.


Then things got loud when he brought the electric guitar out for the rest of the set.

Butch Walker recently released his seventh album, “Afraid of Ghosts,” but played songs spanning his entire discography. Yes, he is the guy who has produced albums for Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco, as well as written songs with P!nk and Avril Lavigne, but give this guy a guitar, put him on a stage, and he’ll blow your mind.

Although the slow songs were slow, they were performed with as much passion as any fully amped rock show. A handful of chatty people in the 9:30 Club began to irritate Butch during these quieter songs, and he politely asked everyone to stop talking, saying “if you’re here to catch up with Bob, go out side on the sidewalk.” When one person was clearly too drunk/rude to take Butch’s advice, he switched up his lyrics during the current song he was singing to call out that individual and tell him to shut up. Kudos to Butch for doing that, and a note to all concertgoers: don’t be that rude @$$hole who talks loudly during an acoustic performer’s set!

The end of the show was the best part, though. If you were not aware, Butch’s dad passed away a couple years ago. After he came back on stage for the encore, he revealed that he chose every song in his set tonight because they were all his dad’s favorites, and that he still wasn’t over his death.

As if that didn’t melt your heart enough, Butch brought out his son, James Blue Walker (how awesome is that name?!) to sing a song with him:

A video posted by Sam (@sammysamica) on


After Jamie was off the stage, he played a couple more acoustic songs and cried through them, as they were each about his father.

I loved Butch Walker before this show, and I now love and respect him even more. It is so brave to stand in front of a room full of people every night and be open about your vulnerabilities and fears. That’s what art is.

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