The Girl at the Rock Show: Paramore

April 24, 2015 was a very unique day for me, with extremes of both heavy and light.

The day before, I found out that my grandfather had passed away and that the funeral was going to be on April 24th, and I found out that Paramore was going to be performing at the Naval Academy, also on April 24th. Take the heavy situation of the grief over my grandpa’s loss, and the lightest situation of getting to see my favorite band in the world perform, and that was my day. It was a strange day indeed.

Let me preface the whole concert situation with the fact that this show was not advertised publicly… so please don’t hate me for not saying anything about the show! The general public couldn’t even buy tickets; a Navy midshipmen/other authorized figure would have to buy one for you, and I happened to stumble upon a very fortunate connection the day before the show actually happened.

But I mean, you still want me to tell you about the concert, right?

Chromeo opened the show, and they’re a funk/techno duo.

FullSizeRenderAnd their instruments are made of [you guessed it]: chrome.


They did a really good job of transitioning my heavy into light, so by the time Paramore came on, I knew that front and center along the barricade, screaming along to all the words was right where I needed to be.


I’ve seen Paramore a handful of times, and this show was like a warm-up for their upcoming Writing The Future tour [which I have tickets to for May 11 in Baltimore]. They played 20 songs, which covered all 4 albums, for 1 hr 50 min!!!! That’s an incredibly long set! I expect the set list to be trimmed by the time their tour officially starts, and it will be interesting to compare this show with the one I see in May.

I will leave you with the set list, and an adorable picture of Hayley Williams.

1. Daydreaming

2. Proof

3. That’s What You Get

4. Be Alone

5. Playing God

6. Never Let This Go

7. Decode

8. Part II

9. Hate To See Your Heart Break

10. Misguided Ghosts (acoustic)

11. The Only Exception (acoustic)

12. Still Into You

13. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls

14. I Caught Myself

15. Miracle

16. Careful

17. Tell Me It’s Okay

18. Misery Business

19. Ain’t It Fun


20. Future



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