The Girl at the Rock Show: Walk The Moon

Last summer, Panic! At The Disco played at Pier Six Pavilion, and I recently blogged about one of the opening acts that I discovered from that show, Magic Man. The other opener on that show was Walk The Moon, who I had heard of before but never seen live. Their set was captivating enough for me to check out their new album when it came out… I fell in love with it… so naturally, I had to see them again.

The Griswolds opened this show, whom I’d been looking forward to seeing equally as much. They’re an indie pop band from Australia and one of their most popular songs is Beware The Dog. It was the perfect way to prepare for Walk The Moon’s set!


At precisely 10:10pm, bright white lights illuminated the entire room and the intro to “Circle of Life” from The Lion King blared through the speakers.


It was one of the most appropriate and entertaining set openings I’ve ever seen.

Now, you might know WTM’s song, “Shut Up And Dance”. See the video below and imagine the happiness you feel being nonstop for 80 minutes.

At one point toward the end of the set, the singer instructed the audience to jump up and down together on his count. Do you know how cool it feels to jump with 1200 other people simultaneously? It’s as if you’re still standing still, because you’re all moving at the exact same level.

By the end of the night, I was left astonished by how much positivity and fiery passion that they radiated.

wtm3If there ever was a feel good band, Walk The Moon would be the one to make you leave your worries for the rest of your days…



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