The Girl at the Rock Show: OK Go

On April 12, 2015, I saw one of the most visually entertaining shows I’ve ever seen.

You might have heard of a little band called OK Go who took over the internet with their viral music videos, like Here It Goes Again [the treadmill video] and I Won’t Let You Down [their latest creation]. Rather than try to recap the night with too many words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The night began with 2 of the band members DJing.

djAbout a half hour later, the full band came out to play. It was a unique setup with some type of sheet between them and the crowd [just for a few songs] that projected cool animations!

setupThey also brought barrels of confetti with them.

conf1People had fun in the confetti.

peoplePeople also liked when the lead singer led a Q&A and selected people to answer their questions!

youThe singer also stood in the middle of the crowd to perform one song acoustically! Intimacy at its finest.

middleThen the music and confetti commenced.

commenceAnd then there was choreography!

choreoAnd costumes and bubbles!

costumesOf course, there was more confetti.

moreIt was a good night.

floorCheck out the full photo gallery here!


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