The Girl at the Rock Show: Broods/Taking Back Sunday/Mat Kearney

Well, that would be an interesting show if those 3 artists were on the same lineup, wouldn’t it? Worry not, because they were 3 separate shows!

On Friday, March 27, I went to see Broods at the 9:30 Club. Well… I actually just went for the opener, Erik Hassle.

1540396_10153256699198203_7348844391028015921_oThe last time I went to a show at the 9:30 Club to ONLY see the opener, was in 2012. My friend from England had told me about this new artist over there, who when she showed me a song, I immediately fell in love. I saw that he was supporting Snow Patrol on a US tour, and I knew I had to see him, for I feared that he would never tour the states again. Well, his name was Ed Sheeran.

I had a similar sensation when I first heard Erik [from Sweden], and I’ve been listening to him since the Myspace days. I had the chance to meet him after his set and he said this was only his second US tour; his first one was supporting MØ [from Denmark]. Here’s to [hopefully] seeing more of Erik in the states!


The next day, Saturday, March 28, there were acts I wanted to go to during 2 simultaneous shows, so I turned the night into a choose-your-own-adventure.

I listen to a band called letlive., and I’d never seen them live, but I heard that their shows were crazy. They just destroy everything in sight and climb all over things. I very much wanted to see this, and I had my chance when I saw they were opening for Taking Back Sunday at our very own Rams Head Live.

And they didn’t let me down:

letliveThat’s the lead singer, Jason Butler, hanging off the second floor balcony railing. I wasn’t let down, but somebody definitely should’ve let him down [bad joke? oh well].

I had my next move planned perfectly. You see, letlive. had gone on at 7pm, and I wanted to go see Mat Kearney and Parachute at The Fillmore Silver Spring, which started at 8pm. I wasn’t pressed on seeing the opener of that show, so by leaving Rams Head Live at 7:30 and driving to The Fillmore, I would get there in time to see Parachute. Perfect.

Parachute was flawless, as usual. I’ve seen them a handful of times, but I think it was my first time seeing them perform in front of an older crowd. Being that it was a Mat Kearney show, there were a lot of older couples in the crowd, probably on a date night.

And a romantic night it was when Mat Kearney took the stage.

matIn addition to having a wonder catalog of songs, this man has his own wine. WINE. It was for sale at the merch booth. Seriously. You could order a case of wine at the show and they’d ship it to you.

That’s some sophisticated stuff.

And that ends the story of my sophisticated musical journey over the weekend.

– Sam

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