The Girl at the Rock Show: Lake Street Dive

On November 12, I had the pleasure of seeing Lake Street Dive at the 9:30 Club.



Let me tell you… the voice of the lead singer, Rachael Price… It’s like butta’.

Check out this video of her nailing a vocal performance of a song in one complete take.

It’s refreshing to see raw talent like that, and that was my favorite part of the show: everything was raw.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to go to a show without having some part of the music being tracked or elements of synth and electronics. At a Lake Street Dive show, there are 4 musicians on stage and 5 instruments being played (voice, drums, upright bass, and guitar/trumpet).



If you look at the stage, you can see that the only thing on it are the musicians, their instruments, and a device to amplify that sound.

It’s a beautiful thing that I didn’t realize I missed and I was surprisingly refreshed after the show.

– Sam

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