#ramshead12days, 2013 revisited

3 years ago in one of our harebrained moments during our weekly marketing meeting the idea for Rams Head 12 Days of Christmas came up.  In speedy elf fashion, two weeks later we launched the inaugural Rams Head 12 Days of Christmas  which features 12 Days of big elfin’ prizes!  And why do we add this extra chaos into our already crazed month of fa-la-la-la-la… well, because we love it!

And sometimes in our lovin’ it, we let our creative … err, mind-wandering… brains really get into it.  Which is why I am revisiting the ridiculousness of our video line up from the 2013 edition of the Rams Head 12 Days of Christmas.

2013 Intern Gerard:

The random Christmas lobster:

A Visit from the Abdominal Snowman:


The strange talking reindeer:

Everyone needs a Christmas pirate:

Special Guest, Joe Flacco:


The super nice, albeit slightly creepy West Street liquor store magician:

Me, the overly excited Santa’s Helper:

 Elf on the Shelf:



Can’t have Batman, without Spiderman:

congrats to December 23rd's #ramshead12days winner! Only one more prize to win, enter at ramsheadtavern.com/12daysofchristmas

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 I can hear the Rams Head elves directing the 2014 Winner Announcement videos as I type.   A few things I can promise you for 2014 #ramshead12days:   classic Christmas movies, a lot of laughter between cuts, zero production value and some really big elfin’ prizes.  Don’t miss your chance to win a prize AND your name featured in one of our Oscar worthy videos.    That’s a win-win, I tell you.


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