Midnight Rider

Well hello everyone out there! It’s Gerard; aka “The Contract & Rider Connoisseur” here to once again burst your bubble surrounding the rock & roll lifestyle.

Think about it.  You can really learn a lot about a person by the type of food they crave. It’s great to picture a certain country singer immensely enjoying his Oscar Meyer’s Lunchable, or that the only things listed on a certain punk band’s rider are the ingredients for Ants On A Log.  This is rock n’ roll, right?

 Lunchable Logs

My favorite part of reading through riders is finding specific items that can only be found in certain regions. It not only shows how much these artists travel but also demonstrates how something discovered on the road may really stick with them.

Take this certain Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who released what Wikipedia calls “the best live album ever made,” and may have played two sold out shows at On Stage this past August *cough Gregg Allman cough.*  One item that consistently shows up on his rider is the Detroit Michigan staple “pop” Vernors ginger soda. Who knows how he got hip to Vernors, but you can check out the really cool history of the soda here:



Pick up a six pack Vernors at:


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