The Girl at the Rock Show: Tenth Avenue North

When I was a freshman in college, I heard the song “Hold My Heart” by Tenth Avenue North and it totally turned my world upside down. Essentially, it made me believe in God.

So when Tenth Avenue North comes to town, you know I’m gonna be there. Except it wasn’t really in town, it was at Harford Community College, but really, no distance could keep me away. They’re one of those bands where if they announce a tour, I will go to the closest date no matter where it is. So that’s where I spent my evening on November 7.

Yes, it was a bunch of Jesus-loving families ready to get their prayer on, which was particularly entertaining because the two opening acts were heavily based in hip-hop. Watching a rapper tell the room to get crazy, and then the most people do is bob their heads is pretty sad. Sorry for bobbing my head, KB.

Before Tenth Ave came on stage, the lead singer actually came out and spoke… just about the new album (released last week) and what the songs mean to the band and to their lives. One of the reasons why I gravitate toward them so much is because they’re not the stereotypical Christians you hear about in the media, and by that I mean all those organizations who spend too much energy preaching to the public about rules they need to follow because the Bible says so. That’s not what Tenth Avenue North does and that’s not what their music is about. It’s about love. That’s it. Love. Making mistakes. Forgiveness. Redemption. They are humans connecting with other humans through love.

That’s all I’ll really say about the band. If you have the desire to, check out the song Stars In The Night off their new album.

tenth ave

– Sam

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