The Girl at the Rock Show: Jason Derulo

Before reading any further, you have to [not really, but I highly recommend it] watch this MTV-produced Very Special VMA Special, hosted by Dave Skylark [James Franco] where the entire interview with Jason is trying to get him to sing his name.

On October 28, I saw Jasonnn Deruloooo at The Fillmore Silver Spring.

It was a sexy show.

I mean, look at this.



There was a lot of dancing, and a lot of heavy breath-singing inbetween the dance moves. I never really liked that about artists like Usher and Chris Brown who are SO good at dancing, but it makes it hard to sing (it’s actually impossible to do both at the same time). I’d almost rather have him dance really well and lip sync, even though I hate lip syncing. Looks like I’m in a no-win situation, except the abs make it bearable.

Actually, there was a part of the show where I thought it got a little too sexy.

After about 45 minutes, way after the shirt was off, Jason was talking about how he and his dancers work out every day for a couple hours. Well, they decided to also work out on stage.



Not only did they do pull-ups and a variety of gymnastic moves, but they brought one girl on stage for each dancer to have on their backs while they did push ups.

It all went on for about 15 minutes, and it was the 15 longest minutes I’ve ever experienced.

I don’t know… if I wanted to see men do provocative dance moves and interact with ladies from the crowd, I’d go to a Chippendales show. But no, I’m at a music concert and I don’t want to take a 15 minute workout break. Aside from that, the show was pretty good. Again, because of the heavy breathing from dancing, it wasn’t the most impressive singing, but the songs are obviously catchy which made for a fun time.

I can now say that I’ve seen Jason Derulo live, but I probably wouldn’t do it again.

– Sam


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