So You Wanna Be A Rock Star for Halloween?

So, you wanna be a ROCK STAR for Halloween? Well, look no further. Our Marketing Research Team (well… me…) looked into all of the very best Rock Star Halloween Costume ideas, and these are our (my) picks:

Elvis. Always a winner at the Halloween parties:


Eww. I don’t know what to make of this Elvis:


Freddy Mercury of Queen!!

Freddy Mercury

There’s always John Lennon:

John Lennon

Michael Jackson (hmm, I seriously just realized that all of these ideas are of “Rock Stars” that are no longer alive. A “Rock Star Ghost theme”??):

Michael Jackson

Moving on with Slash of Guns N’ Roses:


Here’s a happy couple. Slash AND Axl Rose:

slash & axel (pinterest)


Or how about Lady Gaga’s “Meat Suit”? (Vegetarians, LOOK AWAY!)

Lady Gaga

This came up in my “Rock Star Costume” search: a Zombie Rocker. Seriously? I suppose you can turn anything/anyone into be a Zombie (if you’re a Zombie, that is..):

Zombie Rock Star

 And how about that cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show! Fun for the whole family!

Rocky Horror

Here’s the Gene Simmons mask that our Booking Assistant, Gerard showed up in today¬†(that’s not really his tongue, btw. Eww.):


And we can’t forget Ace Frehely of KISS, who will be HERE IN THE FLESH on November 18th!

Here is a good Ace Frehley costume:


This one? Not so much:

Ace Frehley

So there ya have it. Have a fun and spooky Halloween, everyone!!

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