The Girl at the Rock Show: Mary Lambert

I went to U Street Music Hall for the second time (it went better than my first time to see Benjamin Booker) last Thursday to see Mary Lambert.

The same Mary Lambert who sings the “She Keeps Me Warm” chorus in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love”


And the same Mary Lambert who performed that song on the Grammy’s this past year.



The only thing I’d heard about a Mary Lambert show was from Mary herself and she said to come prepared to cry. She is a crier and her stories would make you cry. Well, I didn’t cry, but I did tear up once or twice.

What Mary Lambert does is humanize the celebrity. Her set was consisted of songs, obviously, but a near equal amount of time she spend singing was spent explaining the story behind the song or telling us a story.

Her big single on the radio right now is called “Secrets”, and when she shot the music video for it, it was her first professional music video shoot with a record deal and all that jazz, right? One of the stories she told us was about this thing called video editing… and not like, piecing together video clips, but as you would edit an image in PhotoShop, editing thousands of images that make up the video. There was a guy on set whose job was to do that, and while he wasn’t really used, he told Mary about some other clients of his.

There was a woman who paid $40,000 to have her chin shaved down. There was a guy who paid I think it was $60,000 to have abs put on his body. His clients pay between $10-100,000 for him to make body modifications to their music videos to make them look more perfect.

That’s the best example of how I can describe a Mary Lambert show to you. She’s a real human being ready to be a positive influence in the world. She’s comfortable in her skin and you’ll leave the show in elevated spirits. She addressed real issues, likely experienced collectively by every person in the room: depression, bipolar disorder, rape, body image, heartbreak.

I highly recommend listening to her album, “Heart On My Sleeve” and then seeing her live sometime where you’ll assuredly fall completely in love with her.

mary lambert

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