The Girl at the Rock Show: Benjamin Booker

This past Monday, I experienced a lot of firsts when I went to see Benjamin Booker at U Street Music Hall.

For starters, it was my first time at U Street Music Hall!

If you’ve never been, it’s a relatively famous DJ hall in DC, but they host a decent amount of bands/other kinds of music, too. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly designed for bands because the stage is pretty low to the ground… or maybe I’m just short. But I’ll give it another shot, for sure!

Another first: I got to pat Benjamin Booker on the back before he went on stage!

I guess there’s not really a backstage area because I noticed before his set, Benjamin would walk across the back of the room multiple times. When my friend and I moved closer to the stage, Benjamin walked through the crowd right by us, and we said “Hey, Ben!” and he said, “Hey!” Normally a band member will hang by their merch setup before/after a set, but he was literally on his way to the stage, so that was definitely different.

And of course, I saw Benjamin Booker for the first time.

(here’s a not-so-great picture from my phone)



If you’ve never heard of him, it’s basically New Orleans-infused punk. It’s a raspy bark (in a good way) with fast-paced rhythms. He opened for Jack White on his most recent tour. I recommend listening to Violent Shiver.

After the show, I bought his CD and the merch guy gave me a free signed poster! You can check out the quotes on it for a better description of his music.


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