The Girl at the Rock Show: Bastille

Sometimes, a song gets way overplayed on the radio… and sometimes, they just might deserve it.

Bastille is one of those bands who exploded on American soil with a huge hit. They sold out the 9:30 Club just as the song was gaining traction, and they recently embarked on the last of their tours in support of the debut album.

Said tour stopped by the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA on Saturday, October 11, and I had the pleasure of attending.

Observation #1: There were a lot of young girls. I don’t know, I imagine this band being appealing to a much wider audience than just teenagers. Maybe it’s the British accents. Alas, the girls were there, screaming loud and clear.

Observation #2: One guy sitting behind me never failed to yell “POMPEII!” after every song. Dude, you’re at a Bastille concert. They’re going to play Pompeii, and it’s going to be the last song. Downside to young fans there: they haven’t gone to enough concerts yet to know that there is usually a direct correlation between the biggest song being played last.

Observation #3: My goodness, Bastille is incredible live.



The vocals were so on point. I find it so disappointing when I love an album, then go see the band live, and the vocalist falls short of hitting the notes or matching the tempo, but Dan [the lead singer] was spot on. The rest of his band provided perfect harmonies to round out the entire performance.

I don’t necessarily have too much to write about for this show other than that it was just really good. Some people might not want to see Bastille because one song is overplayed so much, but they have about 15 other really good songs, too.

– Sam

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