The Girl at the Rock Show: Lowercase Noises

There’s this guy named Andy Othling and he plays the guitar as slowly as possible. As he calls it, he plays the lowercase noises.

I discovered this artist from a friend maybe… 4 years ago? He doesn’t tour very often, so this was my first opportunity to even see him. It wasn’t even booked in a conventional venue; when he made the tour announcement, he called on his founds to help him book and route it. The closest show to me was at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Catonsville, in what seemed to be a small house in the back where youth group activities happened.

Since the youth group had helped to book it, two local hardcore bands opened the show. This was quite the contrast because Lowercase Noises is relatively soft, ambient sound and these bands were screaming in my face… not what I was expecting, but thankfully I had earplugs in my bag!

After the two hardcore bands, Glowhouse took the stage, and by stage I mean the floor. The setup was actually really cool, though, because instead of having any sort of backdrop, there was a projector on the white wall behind him that had animations to go along with the music.



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After the set, I went up to Alex (Glowhouse) and told him I pictures him opening for Kanye West, with all the lights and vocal tricks he did.

Next up was my main attraction! It was very much worth the 4-year wait. Every note just takes my breath away. And he doesn’t sing at all. It’s just instruments.


That evening was a breath of fresh air from the typical rock/pop that I listen to and if you want something new to listen to, I highly recommend both of these acts!

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