The Girl at the Rock Show: Iggy Azalea

Last week, Iggy Azalea (the culprit of having the #1 and #3 songs of the summer, BTW) performed at Pier Six.

It was a sold out show with a lot of screaming fans. I mean, she’s a huge pop star, so what else would you expect?

She’s surrounded by her fair share of controversy in the media and has “haters” here and there, but if anyone who has ever doubted Iggy Azalea actually just stopped and watched her perform, they’d see why she’s such a huge pop star.


I cannot begin to explain what the energy felt like in the pavilion. All I know is that I felt so much positivity and love.


Everyone sang along to the hits and clapped. Iggy danced and rapped.

It was a perfect night on the Pier and a great way to end our September.

– Sam

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