Tig Notaro: Grammy-nominated cancer survivor

“Hello, good evening! Hello! I have cancer, how are you?”

Those are the first words out of Tig Notaro’s mouth on her Grammy-nominated comedy album, “Live”.


That’s a pretty brave thing to do… to put your fears out there in front of hundreds of people. Well, one of those people was Louis C.K.

“One night I was performing at a club in LA called Largo. Tig was there. She was about to go on stage. I hadn’t seen Tig in about a year and I said how are you? She replied ‘well I found out today that I have cancer in both breasts and that it has likely spread to my lymph nodes. My doctor says it looks real bad. ‘. She wasn’t kidding. I said ‘uh. Jesus. Tig. Well. Do you… Have your family… Helping?’. She said ‘well my mom was with me but a few weeks ago she fell down, hit her head and she died’. She still wasn’t kidding.

Now, I’m pretty stupid to begin with, and I sure didn’t know what to say now. I opened my mouth and this came out. ‘jeez, Tig. I. Really value you. Highly.’. She said ‘I value you highly too, Louie.’. Then she held up a wad of note-paper in her hand and said ‘I’m gonna talk about all of it on stage now. It’s probably going to be a mess’. I said ‘wow’. And with that, she went on stage.”

Tig is now a breast cancer survivor and, as her album cover illustrates, she had a double mastectomy along the way. Things have been looking up in her life since the release of “Live” and she’s ready to embark on a new tour. According to this exclusive Hollywood Reporter interview, her new material will include some general ridiculousness in her life, but will also touch on what she went through during that hard time.


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