Get to Know Silopanna Artist: Brothers Clair

This round of “Get to Know” Q&A’s feature Silopanna Music Festival Artist, Brothers Clair. Although they are young, Brothers Clair is known to put on quite an amazing performance and consistently surprise audiences. Each band member answered the following questions, which made for an interesting interview that left us getting to know the band better than ever before. Take a look for yourself & enjoy!

Where are you from?
All of us are from around the Annapolis area, Mary Katherine being the furthest from us all (in Davidsonville). This means easy traveling for busking in Downtown Annapolis!

What’s the story behind your band’s name?
Just over a year ago, Katie McCarthy (our cellist), Cameron Minty (our former bassist), Mary Katherine (our vocalist), and Chris Windebank (our vocalist/guitarist) decided to enter Broadneck High School’s talent show, and at the time we called ourselves “The Muckrakers”. After success in the talent show, we realized that music is something all of us really wanted to pursue together, and it was at this point we decided to integrate ourselves into most social media sites. We then discovered that “The Muckrakers” was a name already being used by a band, and decided (for obvious reasons) that we needed to change it. Upton Sinclair (a famous muckraker from the early 1900’s) seemed to represent the concept we wished to keep in our band name, so we got “Clair” from that, and for “Brothers”…well we just thought that sounded nice.

What do you enjoy most about performing live for fans?
Chris:  For me, it’s the energy of the crowd. Being able to play something that everyone present is able to enjoy is an amazing feeling, and when they participate it makes that feeling even more real.
Matt:  The energy we get from the fans
Mary Katherine:  Surprising people. Audiences have low expectations when they hear that we are so young.
Andrew:  Hearing the crowd’s reaction always brings a smile to my face.

Which Rams Head venue is your favorite and why?
Chris:  Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis because the setting is so intimate, and whether you are performing or are in the audience, the energy in the room is really awesome.
Matt:  The Rams Head onstage in downtown Annapolis that we played at.
Mary Katherine:  The Annapolis one! It’s intimate and you can see the fans right there up close.
Andrew:  Ramshead On Stage. Sadly, this is the only Ramshead venue we’ve played at so far.

If you only had on hour in the Annapolis area, what exactly would you do?
Chris:  Going downtown and busking. The weather’s so nice and the people are great!
Matt:  If I had 1 hour in Annapolis I would walk around Maryland Avenue and look in Kachunk record store and sit at city dock.
Mary Katherine:  Exploring Downtown. Even though we know it like the back of our hands already.
Andrew:  Go downtown, play some sick tunes with my mates.

Which fellow artists are you excited to see perform at Silopanna?
Matt:  Matt and Kim
Mary Katherine:  Matt and Kim
Andrew:  Matt and Kim. They seem like buckets of fun.

What are you looking forward to most about playing this year’s Silopanna Music Festival?
Chris:  Performing at a festival is a really awesome opportunity for us, and given the fact that I’ve been to festivals before, it’s really cool that I’ll finally be able to be on the other side; out of the crowd and onto the stage. Just putting on the best show we can and having a great time is what I really can’t wait to be able to do.
Matt:  The crowd
Mary Katherine:  Meeting other artists and finding new fans; giving everyone some new music to enjoy
Andrew:  Being able to say that we played at this year’s festival

If you could only pack three things while going on tour, what would they be?
Chris:  My guitar, the entire “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, and a ridiculous amount of picks.
Matt:  Ipod, guitar/bass, and a toothbrush
Mary Katherine:  Madlibs, sweet tea, and a hair flat iron
Andrew:  Office Depot jumbo paper clips, stapler from Staples, computer paper from Office Depot.

If you had to Listen to one song straight for 24 hours, what would it be?
Chris:  “Like real people do” by Hozier
Matt:  “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio because it speaks to me.
Mary Katherine:  The acoustic version of “Latch” by Sam Smith
Andrew:  “What’s up” by 4 Non Blondes

If you had to eat one sandwich every day for the rest of the year, what exactly would be on it?
Chris:  Whatever they put on those Italian Subs from Potbelly, with mayo.
Matt:  A flat bread with ham, salami, and pepperoni with lettuce and chipotle sauce and toasted.
Mary Katherine:  Honey, banana, and peanut butter on white bread
Andrew:   Dry white bread (not particularly stale, just dry y’know) with olive juice on one piece of bread and on the other sprinkled fresh Spanish saffron. For the filler, shredded aluminum foil.

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Be sure to check out Brothers Clair, as well as many other artists including The Flaming Lips, Matt & Kim, Eric Hutchinson and many more August 16, 2014 at the Silopanna Music Festival! Tickets on sale now!

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