Rams Head Live Shows on Sale Now!

Don’t you HATE when some really cool bands are in town and you never know about them!? Check it out, we have three recently announced bands at Rams Head Live coming soon, and they’re on sale now!

Cheap Trick
August 17th
Doors 7:00 pm Show 8:00 pm

Cheap Trick may be one of the most covered bands of all time. Since the 70’s they’ve been blending elements of pop, punk, and even metal in a way that is instantly catchy and recognizable. With timeless classics such as “I Want You to Want Me,” “Surrender,” and many more, Cheap Trick is an incredibly musically talented group you definitely don’t want to miss, if this is your kind of music. Anyone familiar with the station Comedy Central? What about the Emmy Award winning show, The Colbert Report!?? Well guess what, Cheap Trick wrote and performed the show’s theme song that we all know so well!

Their most current release, The Latest, has garnered glowing reviews worldwide and continues their reign as power-pop progenitors as they continue their legacy of over 35 years in the music industry.


Mastodon w. Gojira, Kvelertak
November 4th
Doors 6:30 pm Show 7:30 pm

Art is a cyclical beast. The same can easily be said of Grammy Award nominated hard rock juggernaut Mastodon. The group’s four members recognize the importance of life’s omnipresent cycles on their SIXTH full- length album, Once More ‘Round the Sun. The band orbits around themes of loss and rebirth, twirling a sonic spiral of its signature robust riffing, hypnotically haunting sounds capes, triage of dynamic voices, and thundering seismic grooves.

Their most recently released album proves personal for Brann Dailor, Brent Hinds, Bill Kelliher, and Troy Sanders. According to the band, the very title says something slightly differently for each member. Dailor says, “Lyrically, we are discussing things that happened to us recently, whereas in the past we looked further back for inspiration. It’s about 365 days in this band. It was a tough and strange journey. We happened to be in the middle of completing a full rotation musically as everything else was going on.”

Who doesn’t like music you can relate to..? That’s the best part about actually listening to it, right!? Being able to relate to the people up on stage is what brings us to concerts and makes us want to buy their albums! This head-banging rock band will be here at Rams Head Live in the fall along with Gojira and Kvelertak! They are a rockin’ group that will be sure to liven up a Tuesday night!


Frank Iero and The Cellabration at Metro Gallery
October 9th
Doors 7 pm Show 8 pm

Does the name Frank Iero ring any bells, people? He’s from My Chemical Romance, and he will be at Metro Gallery in October! Get your tickets now before they sell out! The new project from Frank Iero and The Cellabration will be releasing Stomachaches on August 26th 2014! Believe it or not this album was based on the digestive issues Frank Iero was experiencing in late 2012. When my stomach hurts I definitely don’t think any creative juices are flowing, but apparently that’s what happened for Iero!!

His pain was so severe that he turned his basement office into a studio and would hammer out ideas every time he would experience any kind of pain. After reflecting on his work Iero found a common theme throughout the lyrics. A lot was reaching out for love and acceptance and longing for a place and sense of belonging. This former guitarist from My Chemical Romance, plays every instrument on the 12-track besides the drums.



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