Interview with Silopanna Artist Eric Hutchinson

I must say going into this interview I was pretty nervous, but as it progressed talking to Eric became easier and easier. Check out my very first interview as an intern with Rams Head featuring Eric Hutchinson. He covered his thoughts and ideas about his new album “Pure Fiction”, Maryland, performing live, Rams Head, and even the Silopanna Music Festival! Can’t wait to see him perform again August 16th at Silopanna!

How was the process of writing and recording “Pure Fiction” different from that of your previous albums?

This album happened really quickly for me actually, I feel like everything had kind of been building up to making this album.  My first album was a little bit of beginner’s luck, my second album was some growing pains, and this album I feel like everything finally came to a point and, you know it sort of was my biggest music I was making.

I read in a previous interview you did that this third album was all about “figuring it out”, what exactly were you trying to figure out and were you successfully able to do so?

I think so. I think I was just trying to make a feel good Pop album and music that kind of was bigger… We’re playing a big room tonight… We’re playing this big festival. I wanted to make an album that would fill a huge space. The show has gotten bigger as a result and it’s a great night every night getting to play these songs.

What kind of things have you learned from the recording of your past two albums that made “Pure Fiction” possible?

I think just being on the road a lot and getting to know what kind of songs I wanted to be able to sing live. For me the live show is great now because we can kind of pick the best from all the albums and it’s like a greatest hits night every night. It’s been really fun to have the fans really react to that.

What do you hope audiences will gain when listening to your music?

I don’t really know haha. I get a lot of tweets and emails from people saying the music makes them happy, you know if they’re in a bad mood it makes them feel better and if they’re in a good mood it makes them feel the best. I really take that to heart. The shows are just all energy, all explosion of music, and everyone’s dancing and having a good time. It starts with me on stage and having fun and being able to just get that out there.

I saw that you kicked off your Tell the World Tour in Baltimore… Besides being a Maryland native, what keeps you coming back to the overall area?

Amazing crowds. We started the tour in Maryland and we’re pretty much ending it up here. I’ve just played here for a long time and I love that everybody is a real music fan and are energetic and sing along. It’s just about that exchange between us and the audience and Maryland always brings that energy.

Performing at the Silopanna Music Festival in August, what are you looking forward to most about playing a music festival somewhere so close to where you grew up?

It’s always fun to play around places where when I was first starting was like “Oh if I could just do this” or “if I could just do that.” Rams Head has been really helpful from the very beginning with me.  I begged them all the time, just whatever I could do, and they’d put me at the Rams Head in Annapolis. I was being able to play bigger and bigger places in Annapolis from starting out just begging anybody to come… It’s really exciting.

What are your overall feelings towards music festivals versus smaller shows?

I love them both, but for me part of what I love about the music festival is just getting to see other acts. I keep looking at this lineup, there’s lots of great music. You know, I just love anytime you get to play outside and the festival audiences are a little more laid back. It’s about an experience and it’s about hanging out all day. Sometimes we put some surprises in the set list and it changes the way we’re going to do the show because everybody’s just in a good mood.

What do you enjoy most when it comes to performing live for your fans?

I’ve been doing it a long time and I never get over having people sing the words back to me that I wrote, you know, in my house or in a hotel or in a studio. There’s that connection of having an audience finish my own sentence or something. I just love sing a longs. More and more music is singular, you don’t really go into record stores anymore, you buy it on iTunes and you listen to it on your headphones, it’s very much by yourself. Concerts are one of the few places you can sort of get that group energy still… That infused with the music is just a whole other level. I’ve been going out into this crowd every night and singing, surrounded by the fans all singing along. It’s a super high, it’s the reason you keep doing it.

Eric Hutchinson invites you to Silopanna 2014! from Rams Head Group on Vimeo.


photoEric and me after the interview

Be sure to check out Eric Hutchinson as well as many other artists including the Flaming Lips, Dashboard Confessional, Matt & Kim, Sleeper Agent and more August 16, 2014 at the Silopanna Music Festival! Tickets on sale now!

**Alexa Elliott will be a senior at Radford University in Fall 2014. She is studying Design Management with a minor in Marketing/Entrepreneurship. She is a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha and enjoys traveling, attending concerts, and fashion.

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