Why did the Ram cross the Silopanna Festival Grounds? TO GET THE VIP AREA!!!

Silopanna Lineup banner

If you’re planning on attending the Silopanna Music Festival, why not treat yourself to our VIP option?

Silopanna VIP copy

Allow me to further break it down for you:

-Your parking is included AND it’s VIP parking

-There is a lovely, convenient entrance, just for you, where you will receive a *Hawaiian lei upon disembarkment. And a *hug.

-You can be in the shade all day if you so choose. So no sunburn!

-Great viewing area at the main stage that is SO close to the stage, you’ll just die when you see.

-When you’re boppin’ around and you go to the 2nd Stage, we’ve got a viewing area for you there too, AND a VIP Beverage Station.

-Soda, wine and beer included at select VIP stations. WHHAATT??

-Private cash bar only for you guys (avoid any chance of having to wait in line for your beverage!)

-WE FEED YOU. And we’re not talking peanut butter sandwiches and ramen!

-When nature calls, you may relieve yourselves in private, air-conditioned restrooms.

-Free Silopanna T-shirt and poster (free stuff, wahoo!).

So here’s the deal people: we only have 300 of these “Very Important Person” passes, and there’s a reason for that. Because for you VIP purchasers, we truly want you to get all of the value that you possibly can. We don’t wanna crowd you out! So we’ve capped it at 300 so you may enjoy your space, and enjoy the opportunity to get pretty smack up against that stage to see your faves!

2014 Silopanna Festival Lineup:

The Flaming Lips
Dashboard Confessional
Matt & Kim
Eric Hutchinson
Sleeper Agent
Twin Forks
Damn Right!
Jimmies Chicken Shack
Sweet Leda
Higher Hands
Sun Club
Little Bird
The Baby Grand
Brothers Clair

Now, until August 1st you get a big fat discount on these puppies, so don’t miss out. We are truly psyched to hang with all of you! See you there!

*Hawaiian leis subject to availability
*Hug subject to availability

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