Boo’z Hump Day Helper-“Perfectionism”

Holding yourself to a higher standard is a good thing, wanting better for yourself is an admirable trait, right?

Dr Danielle Molnar, a psychologist at Brock University, Canada, suggests perfectionism should be considered  a risk factor for disease in the same way as obesity and smoking.  It is estimated that every two out of five people display perfectionism tendencies.   Then there is social media that places concerns about “appearing perfect”.

We all know what a certified killer stress is and it seems most of us are creating it unnecessarily.   Dr. Gordon Flett, health professor at York University in Canada has studied the link between health and perfectionism for 20 years.

 ‘It’s natural to want to be a perfectionist in one area of your life, such as your job,’ he says. ‘But when it becomes an obsessive need for the perfect job, child, relationship, bank balance and body, it causes extreme stress and can affect not only relationships, but your health.’  ‘Social support and community has been found in numerous studies to be a leading contributor to health and increased lifespan – perfectionists are often deprived of that.’

You know what this tells me?  We all need a little more of this in our lives!

That’s right it is summer music season!!  Music can be a distraction, make us joyful and dance like no one is watching!  Happiness is the #1 reliever of stress and can make us forget the things that we deem “important”.  Laundry didn’t get done this weekend, it’s OK you did this instead.

Your house needs to be cleaned, the pantry is empty, so what, you would rather be doing this

The whole point is to ease up on yourself, life is not going to, you are the only one that can give you a break.  Now I’m not telling you to sell all of your possessions and sell minnows on the beach, but if you lower your standards a bit and accept the occasional failure as an essential ingredient on the road to success you will find yourself  a much happier person.

Be happy not perfect. Anyone can be happy, no one is perfect.


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