A Conversation with Austin Ellis of NBC’s The Voice

The Voice - Season 6

It seemed to spring out of nowhere, the news that local singer-songwriter Austin Ellis was chosen to be on Team Adam of NBC’s The Voice Season 6! I was lucky enough to chat with Austin about The Voice, what he’s been up to lately, and his time with us here at Rams Head before he became a big star!

LP: Austin, we are SO thrilled that you made it so far on NBC’s The Voice, something you should be really proud of! I understand you first auditioned for The Voice last summer in New York. What was it that inspired you to audition for the show?

AE: I was at a point in my artistic career where I was questioning whether or not I wanted to continue on this path, or if I wanted to try something different. I said to myself, if I try out for this out and something comes of it, then I will continue with it. I saw it as an avenue that might enable me to continue to live the dream that I’ve been pursuing.

LP: When we got to see your very first appearance a few weeks ago, I think everyone one of your local fans here jumped off of their couch when Adam Levine turned his chair around so quickly and chose you! Were you surprised by that? Did you have one particular judge that you were hoping would pick you over another?

AE: They’re all great… I love Adam’s work, I love Usher’s work, Shakira is super genuine and very cool. So I would’ve been very happy however it had played out.

LP: Were you nervous?

AE: Maybe a little at first, but once I was up on stage and got into it, it was great!

LP: And who would you say your predominant musical influences are?

AE: Early on in my life I listened to a lot of R&B and Hip Hop, R. Kelly, Boyz II Men, but when I decided to pick up the guitar as a teen, it didn’t seem to mesh with the Hip Hop stuff that I had been interested in. A bit later I got into Jack Johnson, Ben Harper, John Mayer, Dave Matthews, and I ‘m a big fan of OneRepublic – primarily Ryan Tedder – he is involved in so many aspects of his art; the songwriting, producing, performing.. I see myself doing all of that in my career eventually.

LP: What is your favorite thing about the Annapolis/Eastern Shore music scene?

AE: I just love Annapolis, and the community of musicians there. I love that there’s live music every night and that we all are very supportive of each other. I commend Rams Head and also WRNR for their roles in building and supporting such a strong, lively community of artists and musicians!

LP: At Rams Head On Stage you’ve opened for Cas Haley (of America’s Got Talent), you’ve played along side Naked Blue, Glenn Workman of Crack The Sky, ellen cherry, Ruut, Pressing Strings, Nelly’s Echo (to name a few) and have even headlined. But what’s been your favorite show that you’ve attended?

AE: I am a big fan of Amos Lee, and it was a really great opportunity for me to get to see him several years ago in such an up close-and-personal setting. I was even able to meet him after the performance. I told him “thank you for doing what you’re doing and continuing to put yourself on the line night after night like you do, making yourself vulnerable and putting your music out there.” He looked me right in the eye and said such a sincere “thank you”, it just really made my night, that he really heard what I was saying to him.

On March 24th (Episode 10), “The Battles”, after a highly energetic and talent-ridden performance, Austin was eliminated when he went head to head with contestant Josh Kaufman.  Here’s a brief interview with both Austin and Josh:

Posted on Austin’s Facebook page immediately following the airing:

Such an honor to share the stage with such a talented and humble guy [Josh Kaufman]!! We set out to make it a undeniably awesome performance for the coaches, the audience, and America! Mission accomplished Bro!

Thank you for all of your love and support! What an amazing ride, and it’s only beginning!”

LP: So what’s in store for you now? What are your plans?

AE: I’ll be doing a lot of touring, and hopefully will be back in Annapolis soon. And I’m working on a brand new album through a Kickstarter campaign.  In any event, new music will be created and produced!

This has been one of the best experiences of my life!!

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