Boo’z Humpday Helper-changing gears

About a week ago I made the snarky comment on social media that it such a relief to walk my dog with only one coat on.  Also on this walk I noticed the first birds I had seen in months, looked up at the trees and saw they were starting to bud.  “It’s almost here” I thought to my self.  Then last night I was able to take the pooch out in shorts, yes I said it, SHORTS!!

I know all of us here in the mid-Atlantic are sick of this scene, but keep you heads up kids we are almost done with this.  It is the time of change, clocks have moved forward and even on the coldest day you are starting to hear birds chirp. 60 degrees one day 30 the next, we are definitely the transition period of the year.  Soon enough it will be time for visits to your favorite places outside.  This one is mine.


But there are plenty of places in our area to get outside, like the Pier 6 pavilion.

We are just getting started with the 2014 season at Pier 6 with a lot of exciting announcements to come.  So don’t let the last few weeks of winter get you down,  break out your negativity shield and hold on we are almost there.

Soon enough we will be looking out our windows to this.

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