Michelle Obama Visits Rams Head On Stage! Here’s The Inside Scoop From Manager, Zach Price

michelle obama

As you may have heard, we had an exciting evening on Sunday night with First Lady Michelle Obama in attendance at the Rachelle Ferrell show. Rachelle Ferrell is an amazingly talented Jazz/Soul singer who tours quite a bit, so it’s very flattering that she chose our venue to see her performance!

Today in the Rams Head Tavern I got up close and personal with Zach Price, the Rams Head On Stage Venue Manager to ask him a few questions about that night, and to hear how he’s been handling his new found fame.

Laura: Zach, I notice that you’re wearing mousse in your hair today. Was that in preparation of your most recent television interview with WJZ? What’s it like to be this sought-after?

Zach: Haha, yes I’m wearing mousse in my hair. I think I will need to get an agent soon. I wonder if our booking department might help me?

Laura: So how many interviews HAVE you given?

Zach: I’ve given four total: The Capital Gazette, The Baltimore Sun, WJZ (CBS) Baltimore, and The Rams Head Group Blog .. oh wait, that’s you.. Also The Severna Park Patch picked up the story.

Laura: When will the WJZ interview be airing?

Zach: They told me that it will air at tonight at 5pm, 6pm and possible 11pm.

Laura: Okay enough about you, I want to talk about Michelle Obama now. I understand no one at the Rams Head was made aware that she and Dr. Sharon Malone would be attending until just a few minutes before they both arrived. How did that go down?

Zach: The Secret Service came to me and told me they had a V.I.P. but didn’t tell me who it was. They checked out the venue, and the restaurant and then brought her in with 3 friends. All in all it was about 15 Secret Service members that were with us throughout the show. The room was only about half full when they brought her in, and the patrons that arrived after her had to be scanned by a metal detector wand.

Laura: Wow. Did you notice a lot of people staring? Were people okay with being scanned by security?

Zach: People were very nice, very respectful. There were no complaints.

Laura: At which table was she and her party sitting?

Zach: She was at table 400, just by the door.

Here’s a visual:

OS Layout copy Michelle Obama

Laura: I heard you and Corky Fertitta (Rams Head Tavern Annapolis General Manager) discuss doing something special to the particular chair where she was sitting? Is this true?

Zach: Corky mentioned changing the color of the seat of the chair. We’ll have to look into that.

Laura: So who was she wearing!!?? (Had to ask, being that she was here the night of the Oscars)!

Zach: I have no idea.

Laura: Okay. Fair enough. I saw that her table ordered white wine – what kind?

Zach: Kunde Chardonnay. Although according to the server that I had helping her table, the First Lady was not the one doing the ordering.

Laura: And when the show was over, she was gone, huh. Out the door! She needed to get home to catch the Oscars, I suppose.

Zach: Yup, she was literally out the front door as soon as Rachelle left the stage within about 15 seconds.

Laura: Well I’m so sorry I missed not only a great show, but what sounds like an exciting night.

Zach: Yes, it really was cool! Or to quote myself: “Regardless of your political views, it was really [expletive] cool!!

Laura: Wow you really are becoming full of yourself. But thanks for your time, Zach! Now you can get on with the rest of your interviews. Can I have a bite of your sandwich now? That looks really good.

Zach: No.

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