Q & A with American Idol Contestant and Rams Head Server Lindsay Bell

Coming in March we’ve got two American Idol alumni shows at Rams Head On Stage:  On March 18 we have Lee DeWyze (winner of Season 9) and on March 25 we have Crystal Bowersox, a finalist from Season 9; and what great timing as we also just had a Rams Head Server make the cut to Hollywood for the current season (Season 13). Lindsay Bell has been a server at Rams Head for several years and I had the chance to sit and talk with her after her return from American Idol’s “Hollywood Week” episode last week.

RH: Lindsay, I’ve known you for a couple of years now and know about your background as a musician and performer; what made you decide to try out for American Idol?

LB: Well originally, on a whim back in August of 2013, I went on their website and sent a video of a performance of mine to the producers. A few weeks later they contacted me and encouraged me to come to the nearest Idol audition location (Detroit) to try out for American Idol Season 13. I just decided well I guess now I need to take advantage of this opportunity and try out!

RH: Who went with you?

LB: Two of my closest friends, Mallorie and Meredith. We road-tripped it in my boyfriend Brian’s Honda and it took about 9 hours to get there.

RH: Oh good, so at least you got good gas mileage.

LB: Yes, and it was also the first sign that my boyfriend might be serious, the fact that he lent me his car!

RH: When it came to the actual auditions, how nervous were you?

LB: I was most nervous singing in front of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and especially Harry Connick Jr. because I am a big fan of his and we have both done theater.

RH: Is Jennifer’s hair really that gorgeous up close? Is Keith Urban’s?

LB: Yes, they were all very very pretty.

RH: And what kind of feedback did they give you after your audition?

LB: They were actually very helpful and their advice wasn’t full of a lot of “fluff”. I think that’s why my audition wasn’t televised, because they took more time with me than I thought they would. I think it would’ve been kinda boring if that was shown on T.V. The producers finally had to cut them off… and then I got three yeses! I sang two songs for them, “Deep River”, a spiritual that I put my own spin on and Grace Potter’s “Stars”. I was so flattered that they told me my voice was so rich “like caramel and chocolate”!

RH: Did you get to talk with Ryan Seacrest?

LB: Yes I did, but very briefly. He gave me a hug. I have to give props to the cast and crew, they were all absolutely amazing! They worked continuously, very long hours, and just couldn’t have been nicer.

RH: We know now that while you made it to Hollywood, you weren’t able to move on from there. What was the time frame that you were flown out there?

LB: Okay this is something that I’m not really supposed to talk about; they don’t want people to know the exact time line because it would make it easier for people to sort of calculate who might still be in the running. BUT.. I can tell you that my trip to Hollywood was in December of 2013.

RH: Some of your friends and family did see you briefly on T.V. this past week when you were in the Hollywood round. We all wish we could’ve seen more of you! What song did you sing in the Hollywood round?

LB: I did a slower bluesy arrangement of Belinda Carlisle’s “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”.

RH: What do you think of the criticisms some artists have that appearing on these types of shows is like “selling out”?

LB: I don’t feel as if it’s selling out at all. I think as an artist, if you keep your integrity in everything you do, it’s not selling out. As long as you continue to create the music that YOU want to make and continue creating the art that YOU want to create, you can’t possibly “sell out”.

RH: Would you do American Idol or another reality show again?

LB: Yes I would be open to doing reality T.V. again. You just have to go into it with an understanding that reality T.V. is looking to cast the participants in a role. They are looking for a particular type, so you just can’t hold your breath or predict how it will play out.

RH: Tell me what shows that you’ve seen (or worked) at Rams Head On Stage that you enjoyed.

LB: In LOVE with Leela James! Also really enjoyed Nicholas David from The Voice and Jillette Johnson was great too. There was this opener last summer, kind of obscure, but he opened for Everest and was also a member of their band. His name is Aaron Lee Tasjan. He’s actually the inspiration for my latest tattoo because he has a song called “Reality Ain’t Nothin’ but a T.V. Show” that I just loved so much I got the title tattooed across my shoulder.

RH: And what shows are coming that you are pysched about?
CHARO on April 5!! Also Dana Fuchs will be an incredible show (March 7)

RH: Okay, so what’s your favorite food at Rams Head Tavern

LB: The Mac Quattro w. Blackened Chicken [macaroni & cheese with blackened chicken, house-made fresh daily]. Can’t get enough of it!

Here is an AI You Tube clip on Lindsay’s Appearance:

Click below to hear Lindsay sing:

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