Rams Head: Partying Since 1989

If you’ve ever been to Rams Head, whether its to one of our restaurants or music venues, you know we know how to have a good time… after all, we’re about food, fun, and beer!

We’ve been getting crowds movin’ and groovin’ since 1989, and this Saturday, September 28th we’re throwing a party in honor of 24 awesome years.

We made a playlist for to get you in the 80’s spirit, including all the top hits from 1989 (well, 1988 and 1987 too!)

We’re holding a costume contest during the party and if you’re wondering what to wear let’s take a look back at the top fashion trends of the ’80s

1. Fanny Packs: unisex AND hands free, more freedom to get your dance on!

2. Dance Wear: to accompany your fanny pack and just in case you feel the need to break out in spontaneous dance any time of the day… you’re prepared

3. Acid Wash Jeans: you never had to worry about pouring to much bleach in the washing machine

4. Four Finger Rings: little did the trend setters in the 80’s know that this trend would come back in 2013, ahem.. Ke$ha anyone?! (p.s. see her at Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore on 9/27)

5. Shoulder pads:  Gave every woman shoulders wider than a house (but Princess Diana gets a pass for this one, she still looks good!)

6. Madonna: Yup, that’s right, she get’s her own category. Everyone wanted to dress like Madonna. Check out the awesome shell toe sneaks

7. Parachute Pants: Made famous by MC Hammer (and Jasmin from Aladdin?), these. are. terrible.

Remember when Justin Bieber tried to pull them off, oh, that’s right he didn’t, leave it to the Hammer

8. Mullets: this one deserves numerous examples

MacGyver… look. at. that. hair

Kiefer Sutherland… this one makes me laugh out loud

John Stamos… lookin’ like a fox, but really…

Billy Ray Cyrus… maybe Miley’s next hair style?!

Eh, Joan Jett pulls it off, she’s too Rock N’ Roll to care

9. Airbrushed T-shirts: sadly, these still exist via The Ocean City Boardwalk

10. Piano ties or is it a keyboard tie: extra points if it makes sound

11. Ray Bans: Jim Belushi in K-9 anyone?! (p.s. catch Jim Belushi at Rams Head On Stage on November 1st)

12. Croakies: To go with your wayfarers of course! also, hands free – enables dancing

13.  Scrunchies: made in every color and pattern you could think of. good thing these are hard to come by these days

14.  Zubaz: my dad had a pair of these… except that he called them his ‘party pants’ and would pick us up from middle school dances wearing them

15. Reeboks: so crisp and white! my mom had these AND the white ‘shoe pen’ to keep them clean cover up scuffs

16. Neon: when in doubt wear any color that hurts your eyes!

17. Rams Head Koozie: Although this accessory is not hands free, it does help keep your beer cold. Available from 6-7 PM for $3 and comes with your choice of domestic can of beer!

RSVP to the event here to let your friends know you’re partying like its 1989 this Saturday!

Oh and BTW, this is what owner, Bill Muehlhauser (center) looked like partying in 1989


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