48 Feet

Picture this: You find out that one of your favorite bands is coming to town to play a show at a local music venue, so you find out when tickets are going on sale so you can be on line and/or at the box office in time to get great seats. BUT the morning that the show is set to go on sale, you oversleep (or your dog gets out, or you get caught up in a conference call, or you get a call from school to come pick up your sick child..)! You do get your tickets, but you can’t help but feel somewhat disappointed that you’re not within the first 15 rows. Does that sound at all familiar? Not to brag, here are some facts I’d like to share with you about our Annapolis venue, Rams Head On Stage: -The seating capacity in the room is 312 -There are 74 tables total in the venue -Most of the tables seat 4 people, some seat 6 people and there are two that only seat 2 people -The soundboard is approximately 24 feet from the stage -The average distance from a seat to the stage is about 28 feet -The furthest seat from the stage is 48 feet. That’s right, 48 feet. That’s 16 yards: So even if the dog ate your homework, your car got towed, your computer blew up, and your girlfriend/boyfriend left you, if you miss out on being the first to get tickets and you aren’t able to get them until later, the furthest you will be from your favorite band is 48 FEET!! To give you some points of reference, a school bus is about 36 feet long: The distance from my desk to my boss’s office is about 48 feet: This Titanoboa Snake was 48 Feet Long: The distance between the pitcher’s mound and the home plate in Little League is 46 feet: So when you’re looking at buying tickets to one of our shows, whether it’s Kat Edmonson on Sept. 13th, or Rick Springfield on December 11th, keep these these measurements in mind. I mean, how many people can say they were 48 feet from Rick Springfield?

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  1. September 13th, 2013
    Cindy says:

    This is our go to venue. I have seen and actually met artists that I can hardly believe I ever got the chance to see let alone actually SEEN up close. We are here almost monthly and will continue to come. I love this venue it is the best!!