“What’s streaming through our ‘Ram-Phones’ this week ??”

Kris Stevens (Talent Buyer)
“Land of Make Believe” – Chuck Mangione
“Cult of Personality” – Living Colour
“Wind” – Black Angel Down

Royal Bundy (Restaurant Marketing)
“Harlem” – New Politics
“Light of the Morning” – Band of Skulls

Travis Young (Designer)
“Citgo” – Chief Keef
“The Mighty Rio Grande” – This Will Destroy You
“Broken Mouth” – Martyr Ad

Laura Price (On Stage Marketing)
“Torpedo” — Jillette Johnson
“Outta Me, Onto You” – Ani DiFranco

Brandon Linton (Live & Pier 6 Marketing)
“Come A Little Closer” – Cage The Elephant
“Lootin In London” – RDGLDGRN
“Hit It” American Authors

Boo Valdez (Talent Buyer)
“Cyber Monk Dub” – Telesma
“Secrets” – Airborne Toxic Event
“Take the Party” Robert Randolph & the Family band

Erin McNaboe (VP)
“Wake Me Up” – Avicii
“From a Window Seat” — Dawes
“Sweater Weather” – The Neighborhood

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