Boo’z Hump Day Helper- The Next Big Thing

Howdy Kids,

Part of my job here is to be a mind reader as well as have the ability to predict the future.  I know this sounds sarcastic, but it’s true.  This position requires these abilities and not get stuck into one or only a few types of music.  Our goal here is to bring all types of music to the people of Maryland.  In the past we have done several international acts that do not travel the states much like Muuk (Japan), Opeth (Sweden) and many more, as well as regularly hosting local music showcases.  I listen to sometime up to 10 new bands a day, trying to find the next big thing.  Some days it’s a pleasure to find a new sound or discover a band that is right in your back yard, other days nails on the chalkboard would sound better.  Trying to figure out what other people like is tough, so many genres, and musical tastes are like opinions, everyone has one and there’s is always right.

This morning I listened to a 13 year old hip hop artist from Baltimore that already has 5 years experience in performing, 5 YEARS AT 13 YEARS OLD.  If I could decide weather to hang out with my friends or go ride my bike at that age I considered it a good day.  It seems to me kids know what they want earlier and earlier, or maybe it’s just me getting old.  The kid was good but listening to a 13 y.o. rap about b!&%$#! and the such makes me not take the artist seriously.

In an industry full of liars, cheats, and thieves it is difficult to get the right act in front of the right crowd.   Fortunately for you guys I have just the thing  coming up at the club.  The Priddy Music Academy Showcase on Friday August 23rd has a dozen bands who’s members range form elementary school and up.

Still looking for something to do with your holiday weekend?  We have put together a local music weekend at the club featuring Telesma the Baltimore-based group  bridges the gap between primal and futuristic with ancient and modern instrumentation and spirit. As well as Kill Betty, Check out there new release “…more tattoo’s …more whiskey” a 5 song EP.  Then we wrap up the weekend with Chris Reynolds and His Fantastic Steam Powered Orchestra, the band heavily influenced by the sounds of R&B, soul, punk, and good old fashioned, all-American rock and roll. Hope you all find the next big thing you like.

Hope this helps your hump day!




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