#RamsHead Integrates Social Media On Menus

Last week I had the opportunity to speak on a panel about social media, specifically about how companies use twitter for customer service. I learned a lot from the three other panelists, one also in the restaurant industry and the other two in the service industry, and was able to give some good insight to the audience. It was interesting to hear how other businesses,  two being large corporations, use social media. We were asked a series of questions, and one in particular really got me thinking: How does upper management handle social media? Is it easy for them to buy into? What challenges do you face?

It was an easy answer for me as I deal with social media constantly throughout my day. The part that got me thinking wasn’t the actual question but the audiences response to my answer. I told the audience that as a small company it’s important to convey to your customers that you are in fact a small company, to create a transparent relationship. I think sometimes people walk in to our restaurants and music venues and immediately think we’re a large company, when in fact we are family owned and operated.  Our marketing office is a small team of 7. Erin McNaboe, our Vice President, started the marketing department here at Rams Head. She has kept up with the ever changing social media world by staying on top of current trends, educating the company about new opportunities, and learning through trial and error.

We recently integrated hashtags on to our menus. When I said this during the panel, some of the audience member’s faces lit up, some looked a little puzzle, and some were even smirking. I couldn’t help but to pause in that moment to think and absorb the different reactions. @comcastcares even tweeted “Using hash tags on menus to build participation. @RamsHeadGroup is on to something! #tweetmasters”.

We are a company about Food, Fun, and Beer and use every opportunity to develop 1 on 1 relationships with our customers, our Rams Head family. Creating quirky social media campaigns and using hashtags allow us to interject a little bit (or a lot of bit) of fun in to our company.  We’re the only ones, at least that we know of, who are using hashtags on our menus.

One is listed under our ‘Beer, Piggy Piggy’ sandwich as #localfood (Rams Head partners with Hoffman’s Meats, a local company, to create unique products using Fordham’s ales and lagers)

The other hashtag appears under our burger selections as #ramsheadburger. It is part of an instagram contest, where customers can instagram their burger for a chance to win a gift card. Some of our recent winners:

Our third hashtag appears on our Doggie Menu, as #ramsheadbowserbeer which encourages customers to snap a photo of their dog drinking bowser beer or eating one of our other selections for a chance to win a yappy hour, a brew for them and their dog.

Social media really is a fly by the seat of your pants kind of thing. We’ve gone through plenty of ideas, some have been successful and some have fallen short of the goals we intended for them. If you were to search for #ramsheadbowserbeer on instagram, you wouldn’t find many pictures as we have recently changed the tag. It was originally #bowserbeer but after realizing that hashtags not being site specific really cramp your ability in tracking their success and even worse, your ability to connect and engage the consumer, it needed to be changed.

In the ever changing world of social media, we’re all in this together. Our goal at the end of the day is to have fun with our Rams Head family, to constantly engage, and to remind people that if you’re looking for a good time Rams Head is the place to be for Food, Fun, Beer, & Music.

What do you think our newest hashtag should be?

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