Let’s Get Weird!!

The man who has had a lock on the music parody genre for the last 30 years is making a stop at Rams Head Live! on June 5. Weird Al Yankovic has a universal appeal and an ardent group of followers.  His live show is truly something fantastic and no better adjective comes to mind other than weird.

In a recent interview with Elliot in the Morning on DC101 he discusses his unexpected entrance and success into the music industry and his ability to have such a broad appeal to as he states, “toddlers to geriatrics”.

In another interview with Cristoff of 98 rock, Weird Al discusses his fake “Funny or Die” biopic, being a “pop culture cliff note”, and how the biggest disappointment of his music career was turning down the opportunity to sing a non-parody version of James Taylor’s “Fire an Rain” on the Tonight Show.

Here is a spooftacular playlist that highlights some of our favorite Weird Al parodies:

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