With The 90’s Far Behind, Candlebox Looks Straight Ahead

When Candlebox debuted in 1993, the internet was a mystery and cell phones weighed the same as a brick. Now, as the grunge band from Seattle celebrates 20 years of making music with a fresh tour, including a June 3rd appearance at Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis, they are forging ahead in an effort to regain a bit of that old alternative vibe.

For God’s sake, they tweet!

Their self-titled debut album hit at just the right time for their brand of grunge, which really took the best of fellow grunge rockers Alice in Chains and mixed it with a bit of Soundgarden, another staple of the Seattle scene. There was something different about Candlebox – songs like “Cover Me” and “You” resonated a bit more than some of the other bands’ deep tracks. Their huge hit “Far Behind” was an MTV mainstay and settled in more than comfortably alongside the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots (non-Seattle grunge) and Smashing Pumpkins.

The sophomore-slump hit Candlebox with the release of “Lucy” in 1995, even though it was an album that wasn’t bad by any means. But Kurt Cobain was dead, Billy Corgan shaved his head and grunge began to lose steam – the music scene had changed and Candlebox was left out of the group of bands that adapted and marched on.

But, what exactly is it that Candlebox is looking to accomplish as seasoned rock veterans?

“At a time when it’s more difficult than ever for bands to find their niche, it’s nice to have more than 20 years of history as a band to draw on,” lead singer Kevin Martin said on the band’s website. “We don’t have to find our footing – it’s been there the whole time. We’re rebuilding the style and structure of the band, not to reinvent ourselves but, thanks to our growth and the accessibility of the music we’ve been making during the last couple of years, to allow ourselves to reach a new audience.”

The latest album from Candlebox, “Love Stories and Other Musings,” was released in 2012 and is available at all the major online retailers and through the band’s website, www.candleboxrocks.com.

Tickets for their June 3 show at Rams Head with opener, miggs, can be purchased here.

Our guest blogger this week is Jake Linger. Jake is a professional journalist and music enthusiast who lives in Anne Arundel County

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