The Monday Hangover

Happy Earth Day everyone! If you’re looking for a way to decrease your carbon footprint, all you have to do is increase you beer footprint. But really:

Infographic: California Academy of Science

According to the California Academy of Science, if you replace 1 glass of milk per day with beer, you’ll save 15,582 gallons of milk in 1 year! Wow, if that doesn’t have you convinced that you should drink more beer, I don’t know what does.

In addition to Earth Day today, its Annapolis Beer Week! We’ll be hopping all around Annapolis this week to try new beers as well as our favorites from Fordham Brewing. On Thursday, you can participate in a craft beer crawl and once you hit Rams Head you can try Fordham Lager, Copperhead Ale, and Rams Head IPA for only $2 (with the prior purchase of your $10 wristband). On Friday we’re giving away free World Beer Club memberships to anyone who says to our bartenders, “Rams Head is the place to be for Annapolis Beer Week”. (We recently won Craft Brew Program of the Year at Restaurant Association of Maryland’s Industry Awards so you know our beer is good!) You’ll get to try beers from around the world and once you graduate you’ll receive a tshirt, a personalized pewter mug, your name on our infamous plaque (with the likes of Pat Sajak and the Mayor), and best of all $2.75 drafts anytime in your mug!

Are you sick of hearing about beer? No? Okay good, because we also have Firkin Fridays the second Friday of each month at Rams Head Tavern Annapolis, in addition to our beer releases. You can check the Firkin schedule out here.

If you’re looking for an awesome place to day drink on Saturday (am I the only one always on the prowl for those?) head over to Fordham’s R2Hop2 Festival. Tickets are only $20 and that includes 5 beers plus live music from 9 bands. The festival is at their brewery in Delaware, which really isn’t that far considering, and if you live on the Eastern Shore you’re already half-way there! They’ll have Beach House, Wisteria Wheat, Cherry Blossom Lager, Copperhead Ale, Helles Lager, Rams Head IPA, Hop Mountain, and Oak Barrel Stout on draft. They’re also having a keg toss competition AND sumo wrestling. Who’s coming with me?!

Beer of the Week

Copperhead Ale is just one of those reliable beers. You’re looking for a good ale, not too strong but certainly not weak (weighing in at 5.2% abv). It’s a safe bet but happily pleases. Fordham notes that its “famous for its signature balanced flavor & impeccable smoothness”. In plain terms, its delicious. It pairs perfectly with a Fordham Bier Dawg.

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